By encouraging group members to participate in culturally specific activities of listening, using the voice to make sounds, song writing, performing, or exploring lyrics, the brain’s auditory processing of old and new materials in novel ways can yield a therapeutic effect. Music can also lower stress, alleviate tension, and promote calm and peace.

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Music can have inestimable value for those who have difficulties in hearing, seeing, moving, thinking or responding. The voice allows for deep internal resonance with one’s prenatal and preverbal self, with earliest memories of parents’ and one’s voices, lullabies, nursery and folk songs, nature sounds, and other comforting music. We explore the range of sound and ways to get attention and needs met with our voices in infancy and early childhood.  

A vocal solo or single instrument can possess qualities of sound and tone irresistible enough to respond in a direct, uncomplicated manner.  Often children who experience severe obstacles in forming relationships with others and their environment can achieve security and joy in making music. Research shows that music aids the child’s physical and emotional health and development.