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All cultures acknowledge the power of movement through a variety of dance forms. Dance in a cultural context can both express the nature of the culture as well as offer a basis for connection and a shared nonverbal experience, which transcends words. Dance + Movement is a form of expressive arts that promotes emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual.



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Motion and gestures are one of our earliest methods of communication. Movement is our very first “language” in exploring our own body boundaries and the world. Our first sense of our self is our body image. As babies, we interact with our world through the physicality of movement and sensation, initially without self-consciousness.

Dance + Movement is a process through which these early experiences are imitated in structured activities that incorporate movement and motion. In a group, this work allows for building relationships with others and trying out new roles and movements in a safe setting.

This process can form a foundation for increased personal understanding, improved behavior and communication, and authentic expression.